Courtney Giles Aromatherapy in Sevenoaks

When I first started practising as an aromatherapist, my focus seemed to be on the physical aspect - and although this has an important place in aromatherapy, I was becoming increasingly aware that the majority of my clients were struggling with their mental health, which in some cases had quite a significant impact on their quality of life. It seemed, more often than not, that some physical conditions were linked to or attributed to stress.

As I continued, my demographic changed to seeing clients who were predominantly experiencing difficulties with their mental health, some with complex diagnosed conditions, some who may have suffered traumatic experiences in their lives and some who simply find life overwhelming at times - which it often can be. Through using various essential oils and working with different clients, I began to see that aromatherapy was actually very beneficial and stimulating for the mind, and I have found this deeply fulfilling.

The main aim of my treatment is to provide a relaxing and tranquil environment for anyone who might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed and craving that little bit of escapism that we sometimes need from the world. My approach is warm, engaging and professional.

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